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August 2017

Amida Scotland Newsletter 27

Revered Kaspalita, Acharya Sujatin and Ian Summers-Noble,
following Ian's admission into :: Amida Shu in August

The next meeting here in Perth
will be on
Tuesday September 5th
from 7 - 9pm

:: you'll find us here

The evening will include
:: Pureland Buddhist practice:
chanting and meditation, an Amida Service

All welcome
No Experience necessary
we'll explain everything that we'll be doing - so please come along!


Acharya Sujatin Johnson

Amida Scotland Newsletter 26

We will hold a special evening here in Perth on
Tuesday August 22nd
from 7 - 9pm

All welcome, whether you have visited previously or not

:: we are here

So what's special about this evening?
  1.  We're holding a ceremony during which a member of our sangha, Ian, is becoming a member of Amida Shu

What's Amida Shu? Look :: here to find out.

How does one join? :: information here

       2.  We are delighted to tell you that we will have special visitors for this auspicious event:
Reverend Kaspalita and Reverend Satyavani
from :: Amida Mandala  in the centre of Malvern, Worcestershire. The temple is owned by the Amida Trust and run by Reverend Kaspalita and Reverend Satyavani, on behalf of the :: Amida Order.

The evening will include :: Pureland Buddhist practice (no experience necessary) and will give an opportunity for you to ask Kaspa and Satya about what happens at Amida Mandala and about how they first encountered Pureland Buddhism.

So do come along!



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