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Newcastle University Chaplaincy has moved

(Updated February 1st 2008)

Mark Vasey-Saunders, the Anglican chaplain writes:

As you may have discovered already, the Chaplaincy has moved. We had to leave the old building due to the work that was beginning there this term. We have been moved about 10 minutes up the road to the second floor of 3/4 Claremont Terrace.

::link to map - top left

Update (click on the photos to enlarge them)



Press Bell No 3 to be let in - and sign in and out on the visitors sheet - you only need to put your initials as they only need to know the number of people in the building (in case of fire).


Our new (and hopefully temporary) home is at the far end of campus, past the medical school. It's the next block along from the North Terrace pub, if you know where that is. We are sharing the building with the staff from the Hancock museum and some of their exhibits. This means that access is rather more restricted than it has been before. We are not able to use a keypad lock, so essentially the Chaplains and some other regular users will have keys. Everyone else will have to be let in by someone already there. I realise this makes it hard to just pop in, especially as you may have to walk quite a way out to get to us in the first place. I'd suggest phoning ahead to make sure someone's there. The phone number remains the same: 0191 2226341.

  On the plus side, the building is a lot quieter and HAS HEATING!


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