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Amida Centres

Connect with the Amida Sangha

You can connect with Amida Sangha members through our online 'Virtual Temple' site: Friends of Amida Shu, or face to face through one of our worldwide groups.


Amida Mandala Buddhist Temple, Malvern, Worcestershire: This is our main temple in the UK and holds many events including regular weekly services, monthly study mornings and regular chanting days.


Amida London meetings Contact Rev’d Padmaghosa

Amida in the North East Contact Rev’d Kuvalaya

Amida Scotland Based in Perth. This is our website



Eleusis in central France is a centre for spirituality which sometimes hosts Amida events.

Netherlands There is an Amida contact in Den Haag. Contact Maitrisimha.

Amida Belgium



Amida USA

Amida Hawai’i our centre in Kamuela

Amida Ohio

Amida Texas

Amida Mosaic (Ontario, Canada)

Amida Israel contact Vimalashri or Pundarika

Amida India