the blessings of hearing
pema chödrön: meditate for the benefit of others


Close your eyes, relaxing and allowing your breath to settle. After a few minutes, gently move your attention to your sense of touch. Feel the solidity of the bed or chair beneath you. Feel how supported you are by this piece of furniture, by the floor beneath it and, through the building, the earth below you.

Bring to mind the wood that the chair/bed and floor are constructed from. Think of the tree, planted so long ago, by design or by nature. And the sun and rain and fertile earth that fed the tree. Watch it growing in your mind's eye. How many years do you think it was growing for?

Now think of the men who chopped the tree down. How long ago was that? How was that tree transported to the timber yard, the carpenter's workshop, the factory? Think of the time and effort it took to transform the living tree into the piece of furniture. And the same with the timber that became floorboards, as the building in which your room is was constructed.

Continue sitting, breathing evenly, as you think of all the people listed above, and those who sold and bought the furniture, all those involved in the construction of your building....all the forces of the natural world....all contributing to that solidity that supports you as you sit or lie.


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