taking a step

Sit quietly, with gentle attention on your breathing. Move the attention slowly from your nose to your throat area, from your lungs to your diaphragm, then to your abdomen. After a few minutes, move your attention slowly down your legs to your feet, to the soles of your feet.

Now stand up. Feel the sensation on your soles of the floor or ground. Describe them to yourself...cool, smooth, rough, solid, bumpy. How would they differ if you were on a warm beach, on a mountain track, swimming?

Bring your attention back to the here and now. Take a few slow steps and feel the changing sensations on the different parts of the soles of your feet as you walk - as each part touches the ground, as you shift your weight, lift your foot, move it through the air...and so on. Shut your eyes and take another few steps, slowly, carefully, putting attention on the messages you receive through the soles of your feet.

Note, as you do this, that some of the sensations come from actions due to your own will and effort and some from your surroundings. And this is how it is with all our life. Some of it comes from 'me', so much more from 'other'. Namo Amida Bu!