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Tuesday, 16 December 2003


Simon Brunning

There are generally two reasons why capital punishment is a bad thing. Firstly, there is the possibility that the executed person might be innocent, and second is that, well, killing people is wrong. While the first of these objections doesn’t apply in the case of Saddam (who can doubt his guilt?) the second still holds firm.

But, I have to say that he’s pretty far down my list of those whom we should be worried about. Ten people were killed in Iraq yesterday. ‘Ordinary’ criminals are routinely executed in the US, and throughout the world. Dissidents are tortured and summarily executed every day in too many countries to count.

So, no, Saddam shouldn’t face the death penalty. But if he does, I won’t lose sleep.

Mark Matthews

I think there are 2 problems with the Western governments trying to get S.H. killed- and one good reason. Te good reason isthat they set him up to kill all those people, so want him out of the picture. The first problem is that we sold him all the arms and skills and training so he could do it. So it's our fault, coz we encouraged him at the time, coz here was hassling people who ere out of favour with us. The second is that you might Martyr him, which would be a bad thing- about as much as not realsing thta Bush is the greatest mass murderer in american history.

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