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Tuesday, 23 December 2003


Caleb D. Gilbert

Greetings Sujatin,
I did not realize you have your own little tread 'weaving'. This is a good thing, though I see few comments -- oh well!
I write because it is one of my New Year's resolutions to begin sending money to an agency dedicated towards hunger/health relief. Right now, it is the best I can do to help.
The work which both Amida and you, especially, are doing seems to me to be trustworthy and deserving of aid. How do I go about helping, especially so that any $ I send goes directly to you and your work and not simply public relations "fluff"?
Please do write back, and happy holidays (peace!) for all, Caleb.

Simon Brunning

New blogs *never* have many commenters, Caleb. It takes a good while to build up a readership, and (in my experience) less then one reader in a hundred comments.


Dear Caleb
The overheads of all Amida activities are minimal. You could help sponsor Amrita's work at the Primary Healthcare Clinic in Zambia. Her address is Linda Amrita Dhammika, Tithandizane PHC, Kamulaza, Private Bag 4, Chipata, Zambia. You can send bandages, aspirin, vitamins, embroidery thread and children's art materials. I'll let you know what else she can use - I'll e-mail Modgala and get back to you. It's good to send a parcel up to the maximum weight, as the clinic has to pay for each parcel I believe. Here in the UK it's maximum 1 kilo for airmail Small Packet rate. Her community would be delighted - there's always excitement when a parcel arrives.

Other ways to sponsor - our Amida Newcastle group have a dana (offerings) dish which people put £1 in each meeting - this is voluntary. With this we sponsor a young boy in Nepal through ActionAid. He is able to go to school and his community decide on community projects such as clean water, smokeless cooking stoves, health education. ActionAid are a good set up. Peter and I also sponsor Tibetan refugees through Tibet House Trust and the Tibet Foundation.

Dharmavidya and Prasada are setting out today on a 2 months + trip - they'll be teaching Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology in Vancouver and Hawaii. Then travelling on to Japan, Vietnam and India to meet up with Buddhists from other schools both to forge links and to look at the viability of Amida Trust sponsoring, helping set up or sending manpower to socially engaged projects. As always, how we wish we had more people! Meanwhile Modgala et al will be running the activities at the Buddhist House in Narborough and Sukhavati in London.

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