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Sunday, 29 February 2004



A beautiful loaf!

Ray King

your story led me to re-read a wonderful piece of polemic i read in "resurgence" -


... which concludes-

"We need to begin with good bread if we wish to restore the physical as well as the mental health of the nation. When we are mindful of the quality of bread, we will be mindful of the quality of food. When we are mindful of the quality of food, we will be mindful of the quality of life in general.

The quality of bread is too important to be left to the bread factories and bread manufacturers - their prime motive is to make profit, rather than provide bread for health. Baking your own bread and bread baked at the local small bakery are the only two options which can free us from the monopolistic stranglehold of big bread business. The first step towards the autonomy of the individual and of the local community is to take back our basic right of access to good bread. A healthy loaf is everybody's birthright".

... but i'm a luddite, i like to get my hands messy and enjoy the kneading process... often cathartic! so no breadmaker in our household :-)

Sue is wheat intolerant but is able to eat spelt flour - it makes a wonderful loaf.


Thanks for this, Ray. I do miss making it by hand - as I used to for many years - my ME muscles to blame there! But still, with good flour, sesame seeds, raisins - it's a different beast than usual bought bread. And the house smells wonderful!

I'm somewhat wheat sensitive and use spelt pasta and, sometimes, spelt flour. There are also some good gluten-free flours with potato + rice.

On our way through to the Lakes this weekend we'll be calling at the Village Bakery, Melmerby - highly recommended for baking ingredients, books - and a lovely restaurant. I get the flour they use from 'Out of This World' - organic, wholefood supermarket here on Gosforth High Street.

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