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Monday, 31 May 2004


Laban Tall

Couldn't you make it a news item when Lindis Percy DOESN'T get arrested at Menwith ?

That Nick Drake sampler is good, isn't it ? His grave (at Tanworth-in-Arden near Stratford) is becoming quite a place of pilgrimage these days - it was on the local news t'other night.


I can't understand why I didn't hear of him at the time. I'm loving his music.

I did hear of, and am currently laying a great deal of, John Martyn, whom I saw at the end of'79 at Essex Uni. I also saw a new and not yet famous Pretenders at about the same time. Those were the days.

Laban Tall

Don't get me started ... "One World", "Solid Air" ... I remember seeing him in Hebden Bridge (77 ?) and walking 12 miles afterwards to Cornholme in Lancashire to sleep on a friends floor.

I like 'The Tumbler' - his 2nd LP - as well, also 'Grace And Danger'. His music is finding a new audience as clubbing chill-out music - i've seen a few tracks on CDs with titles like 'Ibiza Sunrise vol 3' ...


It's great when 'The young folk' start appreciating our music, isn't it? I just met an 18 year old in Ottawa who was sitting in his kitchen playing Clapton riffs from his Cream days - greatly impressed him by telling him I was at Cream's first gig at the Marquee, and at their second when an unknown from the US jammed with them - Hendrix!

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