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Thursday, 18 November 2004


sebastien billard

This is Dukkha at its worst :( I would quote Thich Nhat Hahn : "man is not our enemy"


It *is*very dispiriting - sigh. We just have to do the best we can, even though it's just a drop in the ocean. I hope Chirac has been 'socking it' to Blair!

pauline scutt

I am a fine art student and am painting a triptych concerning the situation in Iraq. They will be called 'Crude' - the first is a collage of the photographs I have seen of the iraqui victims and the fire and devastation in Fallujah. The second will be a picture featuring oil rigs in the sea, and the waves of oil coming ashore will again contain images of victims. The third will be a collage of pictures of the politicians responsible for the outrage and phrases from news coverage of their propoganda. I am looking for pictures of: oil rigs in the sea - and headshots of victims that could be incorporated in the collage. Hope you can help.

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