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Thursday, 05 May 2005


Simon Brunning

Sorry to ruin the suspense, but the liars will win, followed by the bigots, with the good guys third. (That's a close third by national share of the vote, a distant third by number of seats.) The *other* good guys (the Greens) and all the nazis will be trailing far behind.



Just in case anyone is in any doubt - or in a state of shock from your non-Buddhist categorisation, Simon - here's the explanation: http://www.brunningonline.net/simon/blog/archives/001851.html

I expect you're right(sigh). Though I can but hope that the first win with a much reduced majority and (holds breath) that the second and third change places. OK, OK, too much to ask - then 2 and 3 are so close as to be a 3 party race next time.

I feel very sad for our Labour guy, Jim Cousins. He's been an excellent MP, voted against the war, and has written to me four times, including twice in the last week on the subject. I was also tempted to vote Green. Joe Hulm is a good bloke - I know him from last year's Free Festival. But - it had to be Lib Dem.

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