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Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Sherwood Ross

Letter from America to Buddhists:

Although Buddhists would never inflict harm on living creatures, let us hope they will recognize the dangerous threat the United States today poses to world peace and take nonviolent action to oppose it consistent with their principles. As an American I am deeply concerned about USA emerging as the new Warfare State. I would like to share with you some of the reasons I feel this way:

@ The U.S. is waging an aggressive war in Iraq based on lies that has claimed perhaps 100,000 civilian lives and wounded many more.

# The U.S. is operating 700 military bases in 130 countries from Turkey to Japan, spreading its power broadly in a bid to intimidate the world.

# The U.S. military is illegally holding thousands of prisoners indefinitely, without bringing charges against them. This is an insidious psychological torment that was used by Hitler at Dachau. What’s more, Mr. Bush, who calls himself a Christian, says he will veto any bill to outlaw torture. He’s for it.

# The CIA --- which overthrew elected governments in Guatemala, Iran and Chile ---today operates like a veritable Gestapo. It refuses to allow the Red Cross access to its torture chambers in Kabul and elsewhere.

# The U.S. has increased its military budget under President Bush from $343-billion to $420-billion. The $442-billion it seeks for fiscal 2006 is about as much as all the rest of the world combined is spending on war.

# The U.S. is also the world leader in weapons sales, with close to $15-billion annually, again almost as much as the rest of the world combined. It is attempting to sell F-18 warplanes that can carry nuclear bombs to both Pakistan and India --- the last thing either nation needs.

# The U.S. is investing an astounding $1.5-trillion in research to create 80 new terrifying weapons systems – while it fumes over the $600-million dues it pays to the UN to advance world peace.

# The U.S. has spent a total of $6-trillion on nuclear arms creation. Today it can dispatch 5,000 operational nuclear warheads via 500 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 200 nuclear bombers or 15 Ohio-class submarines.

President Bush’s Warfare State is armed, dangerous, and irresponsible. Buddhists can send Mr. Bush a Christmas card this holiday season by boycotting American goods and services until the U.S. withdraws from Iraq.

Sherwood Ross
Founder, League for Nonviolent Solutions
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Sherwood Ross

Sujatin, thanks once again for spreading the peace message. Since I wrote you, a furor has erupted here over the disclosure by the New York Times the Pentagon has been spying on Americans without a court order, a policy initiated by President Bush and defended by him. This is an impeachable offense. With each day, the face of the tyrant emerges more clearly. Members of Congress are now concerned they may lose
THEIR freedoms even as they vote for military appropriations to continue the war in Iraq and deny tens of thousands of others their lives and liberties. Americans must search their hearts and ask how can we allow the military-minded to run our country when the world is crying out for love and peace. With appreciation; with prayers for a new year of peace and love.

Sherwood Ross
League for Nonviolent Solutions
Miami Beach, FL 33139


All we can do is hold a candle - by speaking out and modelling peace as well as we are able - and reach out to others with a like mind.

Thank you for all you are doing.

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