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Friday, 17 February 2006


Jigdral Dawa

"Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now"

What, this moment isn't good enough for you??



Yes, it is - and I thought that but also wanted to enter into the spirit of the meme - and take into account your wink - and it isn't. You'll note that, apart from the Himalayas (which I'm very unlikely to get to), it's not places I'm wishing for, it's that most of the people who are dearest to me are far away. My children and grandchildren are 400 miles away. My teacher and Prasada are 200 miles away - and Modgala's in India - and I moved here to be near them (as travelling can be difficult, sometimes impossible, as Ihave M.E. - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) - then they moved away. I miss them. But it wasn't thus then it wouldn't be as it is and, yes, I do give thanks :-)

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