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Sunday, 26 March 2006



Ji jang bosal...

Jeff Wilson

Namu Amida Butsu.


Adoration to all the Buddhas,
Adoration to the limitless Teaching.
Peace! Speak! Blaze! Up! Open!
To the glorious Peaceful One,
For whom there is no disaster.
Hail! Hail! Hail!


So sorry to hear the loss of one so very active in the relieving suffering of others. I have been meditating on death more often with the passing of so many venerable older Tibetan lamas in the Gelupa order, many that I had the privilege to take teachings from. But Amrita appears so young, that I take inspiration and feel an urgency to do what I must NOW, while i am alive and healthy.

May you be well, Sujatin, and may Amrita find herself in a Pure Land.

Soen Joon

Ice turns into water
Water turns to ice
Life and death
are just like this...

Namu Amitabul, Namu Kwan Seum Bosal, Namu Dae Saeji Bosal Mahasal.


So sorry to hear such news. Hope comfort can be found as you go thru this cycle of life's changes.


Dear Dharma friends

To all who wrote, e-mailed, telephoned -

Thank you so much for the kindness and wisdom you have shown. The feeling of being held by the Dharma and the world-wide Sangha as well as our own immediate sangha has been such a blessing. Also I found that being in a position where I had to give four teaching sessions last week put me in further touch with the wonderful teachings of the Buddha so that, while there is still some sadness, of course, I have felt both held and uplifted, both by those teachings and by the energy, love and commitment of dear Amrita. You'll see from later postings that she had a wonderful funeral. And we will do our best to keep her project flourishing.

With bows


Namo Amida Bu

Philip John Connolly

Dear mourners
I was married to Amrita between 1986 and 1991 and I lived with her in Zambia in 1988/89. I had not seen her since 1996. Though our lives diverged our values didn't. I join with you in adding my respects. She was worthy of all our admiration for her endless compassion and we must carry on the baton. I would like to find a way of helping the projects that have been brought to my attention through her untimely death.Please keep me informed.
Love and Peace
Philip J Connolly


Dear Phillip

Thank you for getting in touch. Even though you were not together this is a loss for you too, so I send my commiserations

Of course I will keep you in touch with what is going on. I spoke yesterday by Skype to a borrowed mobile to Modgala, who went out to conduct the funeral - she was out there with Amrita for some time a few years ago - and Willemien, who went out at the beginning of the year to help Amrita and is going to stay on for some time.

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