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Friday, 19 May 2006



Thanks so much for this. I have loved Jackson Browne's music, and been grateful for his conscience from the very beginning. I can't remember who it was, but years ago I remember hearing some Big Name musician say Browne's career would have surpassed even his, had Browne shied away from integrating his activism with his music. It wasn't a criticism by any means, the musician spoke highly of Browne's artistry and his activism. It was more a commentary that in those days, musicians and celebritities kept there personal views private.

I remember attending a concert of his Running on Empty tour (back in the late 70's -- gosh, I am old!) and people actually boo-ed him for talking about the plight of the whales. Whales, for goodness sake. How controversial was that? But attendees complained he should stick with just music. (!) And this was the college campus of Kent State University. If ever a place should have embraced activism...

Anyway, thanks again for the link. I haven't bought an album of his in years. Visiting his site, I realize I'm long overdue.

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