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Sunday, 09 July 2006



I have a feeling that the teachings this summer in Amida France are going to be quite special. At least we will get to hear the dharma talks on CD, thanks to you! I'm really looking forward to hearing them.
Namo Amida Bu


Dharmavidya will probably have started teaching today. It's great to have the dharma talks recorded and to send the CDs out - they go to every continent except South America - we'll have to work on that....

Suniti Khosla

24 hour Sit a thon held on July 8/9 2006 to raise funds for books and art/craft supplies for the children that Sister Mogdala, Joy and the rest of the volunteers in Delhi and South India care for so joyfully. Twenty two dharma friends engaged in sitting,walking mediation,chanting, listened to a talk on the Brahama Viharas and raised $676.75(possibly more!)
The 24 hoiur sit a thon was organized by the Monday night sitting group members - some of us have also attened workshops with David and Caroline and had conversations about engaged Buddhism.
The intention for this fundraiser was set afer Anu and I visited Sister Mogdala and Joy in Delhi in the begining of March. Sister Mogdala gave us some photos of the children and students in Delhi and Chennai which we shared with our dharma friends here. Thanks to their dedication and wholehearted efforts to bring joy,care and friendliness to the children, we were inspired to do some thing to support their efforts.
Suniti Khosla
Board Member
British Columbia Insight Meditation Society


This is wonderful news, Sunita. I've forwarded it on to Sister Modgala etc

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