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Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Frank Locantore, Magazine PAPER Project

I think that it is great that magazines, like Elle, are doing "green" issues to raise awareness with the public and provide useful info on how people can really make a difference.
I also applaud Elle for printing the Green Issue on recycled paper!
Last year Elle did the same thing, and I also congratulated them, while offering to help them make their recycled paper switch permanent. Yes, recycled paper looks great and it reduces greenhouse gases too!
Increase in price for recycled paper is often cited as the reason Elle and others are unable to move to recycled papers consistently. The Magazine PAPER Project can help with that.
Shape magazine uses recycled paper every month and has been doing so for years. That would make every issue of Shape magazine a “green issue” in many people’s minds.
My non profit is always ready to help magazines that are interested in exploring options and making a recycled paper switch - permanently.
-Frank Locantore, Magazine PAPER Project

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