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Tuesday, 01 January 2008


Simon Brunning

I'm glad you like MarsEdit. I'm using it myself now!

Did you manage to set up all your blogs on it?


Not all of them - haven't worked out how to link to the Vox blog or one of the Typepad ones - for some reason it doesn't recognised the passwords.

I'm very pleased with it - and amazed at how it recognises which of your tabs you are wanting to make a hypertext link to.

And isn't Time Machine amazing?

Daniel Jalkut

Hi Sujatin - it should work with your Vox and Typepad blogs, although there are some caveats with Vox because of shortcomings in their remote-editor support.

For Vox, be sure to use the email address you signed up with.

For TypePad, it might be expecting a "web services" password instead of your normal login password. Look in your TypePad user settings and try to find a web services password you can use. I believe it's similar to MovableType, and it shows it under user's settings.


Wow, Daniel, now that's what I call service!

There's still one of my many Typepad blogs that won't play, although the others are fine - but it's one I don't post to often - the others are all fine.

Many thanks - and have a good year :)

Daniel Jalkut

I guess we'll just have to let that Typepad blog be mysteriously defiant ;) I am glad it's not one that you post to often. Thanks, and happy new year to you as well.


I've been thinking about converting to MarsEdit myself...perhaps it is time to stop thinking about it and just do it. Hoping you have a peaceful new year.


I'd certainly recommend it!

And I wish you a year of peace and happiness too, Chris

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