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Thursday, 16 April 2009



Having tried many of the so-called preventatives for keeping ants at bay I can only conclude that I have a super breed because none of them seem to work for more than five minutes! Bay leaves - they walked straight over them, Cayenne/black pepper - five minutes before they decided to cross and keep coming, Citrus oil - this seemed to attract more, which didn't surprise me as they are great lovers of my lemon and tangerine trees! Cinnamon - hah! didn't bother them at all. Cucumber - now that's a joke - I dropped slices all over the counter and they didn't flinch at all. Catnip - I crushed fresh leaves and dropped them on the door entrance as the trail headed in - they did stop for two minutes in a little confusion but then picked their way through and headed once again for the cat food. I refuse to give in and I refuse to kill them which is far easier to do and would solve my problem. When I find something that actually works I will let the world know!!!


Hello! Thanks so much for posting this. Do you think this solution would repel (but not kill) ants?

I work at a Buddhist retreat center, and while we don't want to harm the little guys, we'd like to keep them at bay in the kitchen.

Many thanks!

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