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Monday, 15 March 2010



I so appreciate your wonderful blog, Sujatin. I have recommended it to many, Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike, in the ME community. It is a gift!

When I 5, I was enamoured of the sound made by the shoes of the other children as we filed into school from the yard.

I went to a Catholic school then and, at the sound of the first hand rung bell, we had to stop and be silent - what a wonder that sudden absence of our sounds was, at the ringing of the second bell we lined up without speaking and at the third bell we filed into the school. The only sound was the gentle "thupping" of our small feet against the paved playground. I always arranged to be at the very end of the line so that I could listen to this lovely sound as long as possible.

Everything about this experience was both beautiful and fascinating to me: the swift stilling of our noise and the re-emergence of the huge and expansive soundscape in which we existed, then the scuffing, clicking and slapping sounds as we scurried into line, followed again by silence, and then the inexplicably wonderful thupping sound of we children filing into the quiet, cavernous building which housed the school.

I have often thought of this sound over the past 50 years. I took such odd delight in it.

Now, I sleep beside an open window and wake to birdsong each morning! There is a large lake a block away and, sometimes, when it is very windy, it groans and shudders all night long! The soft thumping of my keys as I hit them is another lovely sound. My dog sometimes "talks" in his sleep - a sound which tugs at my heart like no other.

Sound is amazing! Thank you for inviting me to be aware of sound today.
with metta,

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